Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Keys to my Heart

Aww, last night I received a “just-because” present, which I think are the absolute most special ones. One of my friends saw something that made her think of me, so she bought it, made it into a necklace, and it is now one of my fav pieces of jewelry!

The key made her think of me because I had just been telling her how beautiful my house keys were when I lived in Spain (like something out of Lord of the Rings), and I had planned to made a necklace out of them but everything was so rush-rush that I forgot.

I then came back and saw that Tiffany had out this new line of gorgeous keys and that the fad was growing!

A couple friends have them (real ones and knock-offs included), but I’ve sort of been waiting around for one with sentimental value. And now I have one and it’s gorgeous! So I thought it deserved a quick blog so that she knows how much I love my key :)

Thanks Melly,

Love, Ami G

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