Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Warrior I

For any yogis who are interested, it is now time for Virbhadrasana I! (also known as Warrior I).
You can start at the back of your mat, and take a large step about 4 feet in front of you. In a vinyasa sequence this position is usually entered from a downward dog, but I’ll stick with my hatha trend.
In my pics I stepped forward with my right leg, so I will give all of my directions with that side. Turn your left (back) foot at a 45 degree angle, and bend your right knee so that it’s at a 90 degree angle (knee right over the ankle). Swing your arms up, shoulder length apart, and a gazing point high up is best.
I find the most difficult part is keeping your hips square, so continuously try to pull your left hip forward. If you are feeling comfortable you can spread your legs further away from eachother (making sure the heels are still lined up), or you can even go into a micro-backbend.
This pose, like many others, is helpful for circulation and respiration. Today we are also going to add a spinal twist for a strong and flexible back. You can follow these directions, and try to look like the bottom pic!
Bring your hands down into prayer, and on your exhale twist the top of your body to the right. You can then bring your left elbow to the right side of your right knee, and bring your gaze to the ceiling (past your right elbow). If this is comfortable you can bring your left arm to touch the ground (on the outside of your right foot) and raise the arm straight into the air.
Have fun with this one! On every inhale lengthen your body and feel your head move closer to the wall in front of you, and on your exhale continue to twist further. It feels sooo goood.

Love, Ami G

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