Monday, May 24, 2010

Chair Pose

Pose of the week today is utkatasana (better know as chair pose!) This is quite often the first thing we do in our hatha series (after a breathing exercise ofcourse). It’s not too difficult, but it works wonders for digestion and such.

You start off by acting as if you’re going to sit in a chair, keeping your spine straight and tall, and arms in the air (palms facing eachother). With every breath that you let out, try to go a little bit lower.
After a few comfortable breaths, slowly extend until your legs are straight, you are on your tippy toes, and reaching as high as you can. Really stretch yourself and maximize your length!
After a few more slow, steady breaths, you go back into chair position, but stay on your tip-toes. Keep your arms out in front again, and shoulders relaxed. It should look similar to the pic I posted.

Happy Yoga-ing!

Love, Ami G

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sale Sale Sale!

I've discovered a lovely little website, which I would certainly indulge in if I was working more than 8 hours a week haha. It has great sales on REAL gucci, prada, lv, and fendi bags, all of the best labels! They're not the newest stock or anything, mainly just the classic styles. But really, those are always in.

The good news: This is actually available in Canada!! I find too-good-to-be-true deals all the time, but they're always only for Americans :(

The great news: FREE shipping!! And that is Canada included! I have been wanting a Louis Vuitton backpack for way too long, and realllly, $192 isn't that bad for one... Should I get it?? Eek! More of my favs are shown below, and you can choose your favs for youself if you click here.

Tell me if you get something! Even though I'll be jealousss

Love, Ami G

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Underwear Affair

Have you heard of the Underwear Affair?? Just by the name you know it’s gonna be a good time haha. But it’s actually a 10 km run (or 5 km walk if you so choose) to raise money for under-funded below-the-waist cancers. So where did the catchy name come from?? You run in your underwear!! Well, most people do. Every team has a costume, they really make this event as fun as possible! There’s even a free drink at the end and an after-party.

Click here to check out the website, and maybe even make up a team! Each member needs to raise $300 for the cause. I’m on the “Pavement Pounders”, so if you can’t make the run you can contact me and donate! I’ll make sure to post the pictures after, no matter how embarrassing they are lol. As the website says, “there’s absolutely no shame in bringing a little awareness to down there-ness”! Ha!

Hot Yoga

Can you guess the hobby I picked up for the summer?? Yup → Hot Yoga! And I love love love it! It’s super tough but you feel soooo good after. The heat helps to burn more calories, stretch further, detoxify the body and prevent injury. I really want to learn to do a hatha series on my own, so once a week on my blog I’m going to post a yoga position of the week!

So I’ll start off with the simplest one: Savasana (also known as corpse pose).

Simply lie down on your mat, arms by your side with your palms facing up, and relaxxx. Allow every part of yourself to melt from the tip of your toes to your mind. Can you believe that’s a pose?! I always do this at the start and end of class and it feels sooo good at the end. You detach yourself from all thoughts and just breathe. This is hugely beneficial for stress and anxiety, and the rest after such an intense workout is also very healthy physically.

Happy yoga-ing ☺

Love, Ami

Feel Good Pics

A while ago Perez posted a pic of Britney Spears’ before and after photoshop, and I like to call these “feel good pics” ☺ (click here to see this ad again).

I recently found another one, this time Madonna! I never get sick of these babies.

I don’t post these because I dislike these women; I’m actually a huge fan! There are just so many insecure girls out there and I think it’s important for them to see the power of photoshop. We never got to view much “before” footage until the Dove Evolution commercial went viral. Which, by the way, if you don’t know what Dove commercial I’m talking about you must click here right now because I love it! Heck, I consider myself a confident girl but these pictures still make me feel better!

Love, Ami G

Friday, May 21, 2010

Photo Booth

Bahaha, I explain this in the video, but my little sister was playing with my photo booth on my mac book pro and I discovered the footage. So ofcourse, I did the logical thing that any big sister would do. I turned it into a lovely YouTube video for her :)
Maybe she'll be famous?? Haha, Enjoy!

Ps, thanks for being such a trooper sistaaaa

Love, Ami G

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Loves It!!
This idea is too genius. I have definitely brought flats or flipflops along in my bag just incase those oh-so-pretty stilettos end up oh-so-painful. But then I don't want to put my dirty heels into my purse, and I can't carry a clutch because sandals do take up a significant amount of room (well, compared to other clutch necessities such as gloss and camera!).
But footzyrolls are the solution! They roll up and are built for this type of treatment so they are durable. And as long as you carry them in the bag that they come in you will always have something to protect your purse from your used heels!

I only have one suggestion for this product.
They have options for what color your footzyrolls are, but not yet for the bag. If they made a cute or catchy design for the shoe bag then they could also market the convenience of not having to lug around your used shoes in a boring carry-along. Us Gen Y folk love having options.

Click here to check out the website!

Love, Ami G