Thursday, May 20, 2010


Loves It!!
This idea is too genius. I have definitely brought flats or flipflops along in my bag just incase those oh-so-pretty stilettos end up oh-so-painful. But then I don't want to put my dirty heels into my purse, and I can't carry a clutch because sandals do take up a significant amount of room (well, compared to other clutch necessities such as gloss and camera!).
But footzyrolls are the solution! They roll up and are built for this type of treatment so they are durable. And as long as you carry them in the bag that they come in you will always have something to protect your purse from your used heels!

I only have one suggestion for this product.
They have options for what color your footzyrolls are, but not yet for the bag. If they made a cute or catchy design for the shoe bag then they could also market the convenience of not having to lug around your used shoes in a boring carry-along. Us Gen Y folk love having options.

Click here to check out the website!

Love, Ami G

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