Monday, May 24, 2010

Chair Pose

Pose of the week today is utkatasana (better know as chair pose!) This is quite often the first thing we do in our hatha series (after a breathing exercise ofcourse). It’s not too difficult, but it works wonders for digestion and such.

You start off by acting as if you’re going to sit in a chair, keeping your spine straight and tall, and arms in the air (palms facing eachother). With every breath that you let out, try to go a little bit lower.
After a few comfortable breaths, slowly extend until your legs are straight, you are on your tippy toes, and reaching as high as you can. Really stretch yourself and maximize your length!
After a few more slow, steady breaths, you go back into chair position, but stay on your tip-toes. Keep your arms out in front again, and shoulders relaxed. It should look similar to the pic I posted.

Happy Yoga-ing!

Love, Ami G

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