Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Green Yogis

The other day I was at my University’s yoga club meeting and a girl made a comment about how yoga mats make good thermo mats when you’re camping. It made me think of what else you could do to reuse those old yoga mats that you never use anymore (because all of us yogis wanna re-use and save the environment right??) lol.
Anyway, the first and most obvious option is to donate mats to YMCAs, thrift shops, volunteer yoga organizations, etc. But sometimes they just aren’t in good enough shape to donate. In those cases I have a few ideas:
-Cut them to fit under any uncomfortable mats that you stand on a lot (in the kitchen or bathroom) if the floor still feels hard underneath
-In the trunk of your car to protect the bottom from mud or sharp things
-Cut small to fit under chair or bed legs that may scratch up hardwood
-They could also go underneath these furniture “legs” to level out any unbalanced pieces
-As long as they’re washed well, they work as an insulator that you put in-between the fabrics in quilts

-Prime material for slip and slides!!! Remember those things??
Ha, so those are my ideas for now. I sincerely hope that someone does the slip and slide one. Tell me about your ideas on how to reuse!


Ami G

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