Monday, June 21, 2010


So I have a secret confession. Blogs have been a guilty pleasure of mine for a lonnngggg time. The one that got me started is a fictional “dear diary” style blog that I found on the Cosmopolitan magazine website. I haven’t told many people about it, but blogging is getting so big that I thought I should share one of my favorite ones with you!
It’s called the Bedroom Blog and you can find it here. I think they do a fun job with it, I feel like I really know K! (The narrator.) It deals with a lot of thoughts and events that a 20-something year old woman goes through, like career changes, friend drama, and a few sexy scenes ;)

So, what about you?? Do you have a favorite one? Feel free to share because I’ve been looking for more fun blogs :)

Love, Ami G

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