Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Coach Confession

Sooo, I have a confession. I’m not the biggest fan of Coach (don’t get mad at me!! → this is a risky post cause ½ my friends have Coach bags :S). I know it’s super high quality and they have some great stuff, and are even affordable (compared to other fashion labels that is). Buttt, I’m just the kind of person who hates having the same things that everyone else has, and Alberta has swarmed over Coach. I don’t blame them, we don’t have that many world-known designer stores here. So I have no problem with other people having Coach, it looks good! It’s just not my style; it’s the same reason that I try to keep my shopping at Aritzia to a minimum.

Buuuut, their new collection has me quite excited, it’s based off of illustrations by Pierre Le-Tan → the author of children’s books like Puss in Boots. Cute! You’ll notice it immediately next time you step into their store, it really stands out from the classic design covered in labels. It’s fun and seashore themed!!

I haven’t seen too many people carrying these around yetttt, and even if I do, they’re so much fun! I think I might have to get one of the neckerchiefs…Oooh, and just for the record, incase you do want to get me a present, I will accept Coach shoes and jewelry, specifically rings. Loves it!

Love, Ami G

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  1. Haaa I posted this a few days ago! lol we are on the same page =) love it! they are SO cute!