Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bottled Bacteria

On the radio today I heard something terrifying: That 70% of bottled water has enough bacteria in it to not even pass the test for good tap water, and this study was done in Canada! I decided that this was worth researching, but ofcourse they’re not letting out which brands have these elevated levels. It turns out that they weren’t just a little bit over the limit either; they were up to 100 times the recommended level of heterotrophic bacteria!

Some claimed that there is still no need to worry, and that studies on fruits and vegetables would give the same results, which I do believe. But I drink an incredible amount of water, so just to be safe I’ve been using a classic tip that I learned years ago: lemon wedges.

Putting a lemon wedge in your tap water will filter out a significant amount of bad bacteria, and keep in the good stuff that bottled water companies sift out. It may take a little bit to get used to the taste, but I’m at the point where I prefer some lemon in my water! Plus, lemons have tons of health benefits on their own: release toxins, high vitamin C, good for skin and hair, etc. The list goes on.

Just maybe be careful about this tip if you’re out at restaurants, those bar wedges that have been sitting on the counters and handled my many hands aren’t the wisest choice for someone who is bacteria-conscious.

Love, Ami G

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