Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shopping Rules

So, as it turns out, I am an expert shopper. I have a knack for finding every cute thing in the store, which is oober fun while I’m shopping, but not so fun when I look at my bank statement. And I clean out my closet twice a year and find sooo much that I never wear and just give away, even though some things have hardly ever been worn!
So I’ve come up with a couple rules to stop myself from spontaneous purchases that I will later regret. The shoes and jacket posted to the right were purchased after I followed all my rules, and I am sooo happy with them ☺

First off, I’ve stopped random purchases on anything over $15 unless I’ve already planned to buy it. For example, consider I go jean shopping because I’ve ripped a hole in my only skinnies, and I happen to find a pair of jeans that I love for $100, and an adorable matching top for $30. I can buy the jeans, because that had been planned for, but not the top. I keep the “over $15 rule” because when you find something cute for under $15, it’s probs a good deal so go ahead and snatch it!

Second, I wait to see if that article of clothing crosses my mind alot. Most things don’t because there is just so much out there that thinking about all of it would consume my whole day. If my mind does keep wandering back to that one thing, I ask myself 2 questions.
Can I find something similar for cheaper? Like at XXI, or is this unique?
Does it match what I already have? AKA, will I wear it? My jacket and shoes defs followed my rules!

*My only exception is when I find something adorable at the beginning of a shopping day in another city for over $15. Then I allow myself to get it if I’m still thinking about it at the end of the day, because driving back would just be a ridiculous hassle.

So that might have sounded a little complicated… but if you’re a shopaholic, it makes sense and you catch on fast! Have fun and show me some of your must-have items!

Love, Ami G

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