Thursday, June 24, 2010

Passion for Polyvore


I decided to share with you another one of my guilty pleasure sites that I waste wayyy too much time on. It’s called, and it takes some playing around to completely get it but it is so much fun!

They have a plethora of backgrounds, designs, clothes, shoes and accessories to choose from, and basically you just make pretty squares showing outfits that work together with a funky background. They have affordable, cute items like clothes from Topshop (one of my favvvv places to shop in Europe), or tiny designer items that exceed $5000! Every item is attached to the link where you would actually purchase it, so all of these wonderful wardrobe builders are completely attainable! However, I try to forget that since I have an online shopping problem as is.

Making these squares is like playing Barbie, but for big girls. They also have competitions on a regular basis where the winners can get anything from a $100 gift card from NIKE and having your slogan featured on their shirts, or flights and tickets to the premier of the latest Twilight movie! Some of the super exciting ones are for Americans only, like the opportunity to get a contract as a fashion assistant and appear on the Rachel Zoe show (!!). But there’s plenty of other cool loot than anyone around the world can win, all for playing with fashion for free! Loves it!

Make sure to show me some of your creations if you get the Polyvore fever :)

Love, Ami G

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