Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little Black Dress

I’ve wanted to learn more about wine for a long time, but didn’t really know how to get started. Then I came across a wine log that I saw at Starbucks (or was it Chapters?? That in between area always confuses me), so I went online and bought one for cheaper just because I’m a bargain hunter like that lol.

So my terminology is getting better and I’m actually starting to remember which wines I like and why! So I decided to share one of my new favs with you; it’s perfect for a girl’s night!

It’s produced by Little Black Dress (so fitting already, right??), and I went for the Cabernet Sauvignon, I like my reds with a full body. I was drawn in by the cute girlie label and the fact that it was 13.5% - I like looking at the alcohol content for ladies nights! The price was around $14, and I was just as satisfied with the taste as I was with the name! The only thing was that I found it a little fat (meaning that it wasn’t quite acidic enough to taste balanced). However, some of my girlfriends might prefer this since they are just starting to drink wine, and less acidity means they won’t get as much of a strong finish (the last flavor you sense before swallowing). So this is a great balance of a full wine that I like, and smooth, gentle drink for the wine skeptics. Last, their slogan is definitely worth mentioning: “Responsible drinking is always in style”. Make sure your get-together turns into a slumber party so no one is driving after their taste of Little Black Dress!

If you’re interested, they also have a website (www.littleblackdresswines.com) which is kind of adorable and had little black dress styles to match your wine or your personality. But I took the test and it said that I’m not into lace and frills…. So wrong. I live for lace. But still a fun idea.


Love, Ami G


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  2. I've had this wine and I also love it (especially the label)! You should try Strut wines(www.strutwines.com) and Bitch wines. I bought both because I liked the names and their labels. Strut wine was pretty good however I wasn't that big of a fan of Bitch as I don't really like Grenache (but definitely try both!)