Monday, June 21, 2010

Standing Forward Bend

Also known as Uttanasana. This pose is rather simple, and stimulates the digestive system, as does any forward bend.
Start with your feet together, and as you breath in stand up as straight and tall as you can with your hands on your hips. As you exhale, start to bend forward at the hips. Every time you feel some strain on your body, inhale and lift up a little, and then exhale and go down further, finally bringing your hands to the floor. Eventually you should be gazing behind you. Try to keep your upper body as relaxed as you can- nod and shake your head to make sure it’s nice and loose.
After a couple breaths here, inhale and straighten your back. Try to keep your hands where they are, or against your shins to help, and keep your gaze at the floor. This should lengthen your back, so that on your next exhale you will be able to bend into Uttanasana even deeper. Next we’ll get to start some balancing poses!

Love, Ami G

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